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The idea of setting up a microbrewery in the area was formed by Shane Parr.

Shane is an Australian who has had a keen interest in brewing since he was 16. He developed his love of British cask beers shortly after arriving in the UK in 2000. So much so, that he was reluctant to return down under to his native Tooheys and VB and instead he found himself a Welsh wife, Alison, and settled near Oswestry. After full mash home-brewing for a couple of years, Shane was encouraged to follow his dreams of setting up a microbrewery after receiving favourable comments about his home-brew. Also, Alison wanted her kitchen back.

Several years later, following a huge amount of hard work and much appreciated help from friends and family, the brewery was created. Helping Shane ensure that the brewery functions smoothly are Alison, father-in-law, Iain Reid and brother-in-law, Innes Reid.

Our plant is a 15BBL kit. It consists of second hand tanks customised to form our liquor tanks and copper (complete with vapour condenser to eliminate smells) and new open top fermenters and mash tun, which were custom built by a local dairy plant manufacturer.

Most of the brewery parts and accessories, such as the sparge-arm, condenser and double cask-washer, were designed and built by Iain (an engineer by trade).

All our beers are brewed by traditional hand crafted methods.

The grist is poured from a hopper, mixed with the liquor, and then stirred by hand (usually Shane and Innes’s job). This is left to stand - converting starch into fermentable sugars.

The wort is then run off slowly into an underback and then transferred to the copper. When the required volume is reached the copper is brought to a rolling boil (copper-up!). Hops are added and a vigorous boil is maintained for 90 minutes.

After a settling out period, the wort is pumped via a heat exchanger to one of our open top fermenters.

Once fermentation is completed, the beer is conditioned in casks at cellar temperature before delivery.

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Owner/Manager at Stonehouse Brewery: Shane Parr.

Stonehouse Weston, Oswestry Shropshire (Incl. Telford and Wrekin) SY10 9ES

phone: 01691 676457

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