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Lysh Liqueurs are hand made on the family farm in the heart of Montgomeryshire using fruits growing in the orchard and hedgerows. The company was established in 2004 as a diversified enterprise to use the surplus fruits growing in the orchard. At the farm the emphasis is on quality of the product with the fruits hand picked and gathered at the peak of their ripeness making our liqueurs second to none.

Since the outset complete sustainability has been a major aim with all the fruit picked from the orchard and fields of Berthfawr farm. After the fruits have been infused in gin for four months and then filtered twice into beautiful square bottles, the surplus fruits are then planted as seedlings to acquire new blackthorn and damson plants, they are then planted on the farm as new bushes and hedges as part of the Tir Gofal agri environment scheme.

At the moment Lysh Liqueurs produce two different types of liqueurs, a beautiful Damson gin liqueur and Sloe & Almond gin liqueur.

Damson Gin Liqueur 6cl
Damson Gin Liqueur 20cl
Damson Gin Liqueur 50cl

Sloe & Almond Gin Liqueur 6cl
Sloe & Almond Gin Liqueur 20cl
Sloe & Almond Gin Liqueur 50cl


The Sloe, or Blackthorn, Prunus spinosa is a wild ancestor of the plum. The bushes grow in hedgerows all over the country, bearing blue-black, marble-sized fruits. If you bite into a raw sloe you'll appreciate why they don't tend to be eaten by humans, they are extremely acidic or astringent sticking to the top of your mouth, but when the sloes are infused in gin the taste is transformed completely into a rich soothing liqueur with its appealing kick. Incidentally, don't be put off if you dislike the taste of gin, because it's completely transformed in this drink. Lysh Sloe Gin and Almond Liqueur is a fusion of locally collected Sloe Berries from the blackthorn bushes on the farm together with sugar and gin and a small amount of almond essence. Left to mature for four months, the Sloe berry imparts a deep red colour to the gin and transforms the taste to a rich liqueur.


The damson, Prunus insititia is a type of plum but generally smaller than plums often tapered at both ends. Years ago most farms in Montgomeryshire had orchards full of damson trees but in recent years there are less and less of these trees about, possibly because it is quite a softwood and hence many trees are lost to wind damage. Many orchards are now unmanaged with the result that damson trees are not pruned with the tall damson trees more susceptible to wind fall. In springtime the damsons bear beautiful white scented flowers but early springtime frost can damage the flowers and therefore no fruit are borne, which makes it difficult to predict the availability of fruit each autumn. Lysh Damson Gin Liqueur is a fusion of gin, damsons and sugar left to mature in demijohns for four months. After this period the liqueur will have developed a deep rich ruby colour and is filtered and bottled ready for consumption.

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